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Certification Resource Institute, LLC

“continuing education for licensed insurance personnel”
Announcing! Our Classes are now approved in Kentucky!

Created for the purpose of providing mobile, collision repair based, state approved continuing education to the licensed property and casualty insurance community to enable them to intelligently field client inquiries.

The following courses were developed as a result of requests from numerous insurance agency personnel.
Course Offerings:
                                                                                                                                          CEU                         Ohio Course #           Kentucky #
CRI-2005A   Aftermarket Parts Issues                                         3                                   21747                     C11406
CRI-2005B   Used Parts Issues                                                    3                                   21746                     C11416
CRI-2005C   Betterment / Depreciation Issues                           3                                   28776                     C11414
CRI-2005D   Hybrid Vehicle Repair Issues                                  3                                  21745                     C11412
CRI-2005E   Salvage Title Branding Issues                                 3                                  21744                     C11485
CRI-2005F    Frame &Structural Damage Issues                         3                                  25573                     C11409
CRI-2005G   Airbag & Restraint Issues                                        3                                  21743                     C11407
CRI-2005H   Finish Matching Issues                                            3                                  21742                     C11417